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Features Overview

Luminosity utilizes wireless products and networks, including both software and hardware, that operates off radio frequency (RFID) badges and tags to assist you in keeping track of people, activities, and physical assets.

Luminosity is equipped with an array of features that enable the user to quickly access, create, monitor, and report on changes in patient and clinician flow, statuses, and locations – in real-time.

Below is a sampling of the features and capabilities Luminosity with its RTLS Technology has to offer:

  • Intuitive Graphic User Display
  • RTLS (Real Time Location Services)
  • Long Range Active RFID
  • Treatment Area Separation for Workflow Specificity
  • Telemetry
  • Mobile Interoperability
  • Web-based Interface
  • PM/EHR integration
  • Wireless interfacing
  • Single Sign-On
  • Time-stamping
  • Customizable Rules-Based Alerts
  • Biometric recognition
  • Searching capabilities
  • Advanced Business Intelligence Reporting

Ease of Use: With its simple, intuitive graphic layout, the tool mimics the layout of your facility, making locating and tracking resources not only faster, but error-free. The bedboard software delivers messages to necessary recipients via electronic alerts thereby reducing the risk of human error and miscommunication.
Custom-Tailored: The software is also custom-tailored  to align with the clinical and facility-related needs of your hospital. This means that alerts set up in the system, outside of standard default alerts, are specific to the issues you see all the time. The emergency department may need an alert for a trauma-related identifier for patients, whereas the maternity unit may need a different alert to identify the type of bed available. Not only does this customization allow you to place specific alerts and statuses on treatment areas, but it also supports maintenance of infection control so that staff may take proper precautions and attend to patient needs as appropriate. This not only provides accurate and safe care, but allows greater bed availability because staff are no longer blocking patients unnecessarily.
Depending on the direction of your facility, you may also be interested in the additional capability of the tool to facilitate mobile interoperability and integrate biometric recognition.
Integrated Reporting: An important feature of the system also provides accountability through reporting and metrics. The reports function of the tool allows administrators to generate feedback on indicators such as:
  • Patient wait times
  • Physician response times
  • Custodial response times
  • Room clean times
  • Patient transport delays
  • Patient discharge times
Through the reporting feature, Luminosity is able to support predictive modeling of bed count, availability, and future needs.
The addition of features such as provider and staff locating, temperature monitoring, and a reporting dashboard frame Luminosity into a comprehensive tool that equips your facility to remain compliant, save money, and provide the best patient experience.

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