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Solutions for Roles and Organizations


With the continual threat of reimbursement cuts and the economy on the downturn, budgets are being squeezed and shrunk to the last drop. No one understands this better than C-level executives trying to make the most out of their existing resources. Now more than ever, optimizing asset management and equipment utilization is essential.

We understand the responsibility you have to your board, employees, and patients. Particularly in healthcare, we know the stakes can be high and the pressure to perform at your best is essential when human lives are at stake.

The visibility you’ll receive with Luminosity to areas of your organization where there was no transparency before will arm you with the awareness, knowledge, and support you need to make informed decisions. Be empowered to better manage employees, report to your board, and impact individuals who interact directly with your most important stakeholders – patients.

With Luminosity, you are empowered with the information you need to:

  • Reach compliance goals
  • Forecast bed capacity and turnover
  • Outline budgets and expenditures
  • Evaluate existing volumes and their impact on operations
  • Plan emergency protocol
  • Analyze and implement proper staffing
  • Manage and maximize resources
  • Anticipate patient throughput

To survive in today’s fee-for-service healthcare world, we understand you have to see more patients, deliver higher quality and safer care, and improve customer service.


Healthcare providers, whether physicians, nurses, lab or imaging technicians work better when they are able to communicate clearly, work without frustrations, and provide effective care. Wouldn’t you like to know when patient lab results are ready? Or work through paperwork only once? Or be in the know when a patient has been rounded?

Through a variety of alerts, you can automatically know:

  • Update patient status
  • Inform you of patient location
  • Provide real-time room availability
  • Send alerts to environmental services
  • Tell you who has interacted with the patient
  • Communicate with other departments (ED, Operating, Imaging, Lab)
With time savings like these, Luminosity works to support and enhance your workflow, not stifle and burden you more. Be free to do the work you love and provide the care patients deserve.

Operations Managers

As a hospital administrator, we understand the priorities that pull you in different directions every day. Managing millions of dollars of resources and equipment to drive stringent outcomes and goals and meet aggressive quality and safety standards, all the while recruiting and retaining top talent while ensuring their – and patient – satisfaction.

The last thing you want is more burdensome tools that don’t work or are too complicated to implement. For the time you have, you want to make things work with tools that advance this effort.

All of Luminosity’s patient flow solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and make downtime for implementation minimal. We can interface to most hospital information systems (HIS) and admission-discharge-transfer (ADT) systems to facilitate communication of patient data and eliminate manual processes for your staff.

The resources saved by improving your patient flow and asset management systems reflect not only in the bottom line, but in softer results as well. Employee frustration and turnover is minimized, inventory is better managed and maintained, and the perceived quality of care is improved.

Biomed/Clinical Engineers

As a biomed or clinical engineer, you’re expected to make things work. We know you want solutions that work for you, not ones that make your job harder.

When it comes to routine inspections and installation of biomedical equipment like dialysis, heart-lung, and imaging machines as well as x-ray units, infusion pumps, and various other analyzers and defibrillators – you are the go-to solution.

Luminosity can assist in all your major responsibilities, including:

  • Repairing, calibrating, and maintaining biomedical equipment by notifying you when equipment is in
  • Building and managing preventive maintenance schedules through BI predictive reporting and planning
  • Collaborating with other biomeds and techs in troubleshooting maintenance problems through RTLS alert communication
  • Maintaining data and records on the use and condition of the equipment through reporting features
  • Facilitating checks to ensure equipment is functioning properly and safeguarding patients and staff
  • Modifying budget requests based on the utilization rates reported on equipment

Environmental Services

Environmental services is a chance not only to improve the appearance and cleanliness of your facility but also to make great impressions on patients, improve staff morale, meet compliance requirements, and prevent maintenance or safety issues. A clean and safe facility has all around impact on your patients, investors, staff, and the community at large. A great reputation can be made or broken by the impression visitors have when they visit your floors and can essentially be linked to outcomes like patient volume and reimbursement.

Each treatment area, whether bed, room, or both, requires the manual labor of a cleaning process between patients. Oftentimes the delays in patient flow are attributable to delays in the cleaning process – whether due to miscommunication, human error, or lack of organizational strategy.

Luminosity can help you manage your environmental services teams to integrate them with existing operations and ensure their workflow is cohesive with the goals you hope to achieve.

  • Ensure beds are available when you need them
  • Effectively communicate between departments and teams
  • Track and improve bed turnaround time
  • Improve staff efficiency and asset utilization
  • Reduce costs associated with cleaning times

Achieve those HCAHPS goals, prevent hospital acquired infections, and increase patient and staff satisfaction!

Hospital Solutions

The task of finding solutions fit for hospitals – with their chaotic, ever-changing environments, regulatory requirements, competing stakeholders and priorities – can seem daunting. A simple change to one variable can impact so many others, that’s why you need a comprehensive and holistic solution that takes on the full scope of variables.

With Luminosity, each of our solutions is geared toward helping hospitals fulfill their goals of streamlining administration, promoting patient care and minimizing costs in order to work more efficiently and increase revenue.

We understand your pain points and work with you to:

Improve Patient Flow

  • Increase patient volumes by accelerating patient throughput and reducing diversions
  • Free up more beds through efficient bed management and environmental services
  • Create greater awareness for patients and staff of available resources or clinicians
  • Shorten patient wait times and eliminate redundancy in patient visits by multiple clinicians
Lower Costs
  • Find missing equipment, maximize use of existing resources and eliminate rentals and replacements
  • Eliminate time staff spend searching for lost or missing equipment and other staff
  • Reduce your exposure to liability by staying ahead of the game
  • Reduce shrinkage due to loss and theft
Automate Processes 
  • Streamline communication and documentation
  • Give everyone access to the information they need to perform their functions
  • Allow everyone to be on the same page with real-time views
  • Make timely and informed business decisions
Safeguard Patients & Staff
  • Reduce risks associated with incorrect identification of patients
  • Decrease likelihood of patient elopements by monitoring rooms and exits
  • Receive alerts for patients located at or near restricted areas
  • Identify and remove recalled or expired assets
  • Monitor compliance for staff to meet TJC or HCAHPS goals

Emergency Department

Is your Emergency Department a frenzy of sick patients, nurses scrambling for beds, or staff fighting for equipment? Busy EDs can quickly turn into inefficient chaos when proper coordination of care and effective communication is not supported. In an increasingly pressurized environment – with stricter regulatory requirements, increasing patient volumes, and fewer capable staff – ED operations are becoming more difficult to manage by the hour.

Allow Luminosity to step in.

With Luminosity, you can have an ED that functions like a well-oiled machine with smooth processes, clear communication, and predictable results. Automate routine tasks and eliminate time spent on activities like staff rounding and patient room assignments.

When clinicians and staff know where to find patients and beds, in addition to equipment and each other, less time is spent on walking surveys, phone calls, and manual processes.
  • Reduce errors
  • Increase bed capacity
  • Increase patient safety
  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Increase reimbursement
  • Improve employee morale
  • Reduce patient wait times
  • Increase patient satisfaction
Wouldn’t you like a calmer ED?
Let us work with you to enhance efficiency, manage capacity, and ensure the best patient safety and quality care.

Operating Rooms

Along with the Emergency Department, your Operating Room can be the most unpredictable in terms of managing schedules and operations. A single barrier or unforeseen circumstance can throw a whole day off balance – in times like those – what you need is recalibration, and Luminosity is just the tool to do it!

Your main considerations with the OR, are most understandably:

  • Liability  ensuring patient safety and reducing hospital liability exposure by operating on the correct patients and conducting the appropriate procedures with available tools to do the job
  • Revenue  in light of budget pressures, the ability to drive revenue in this area of the hospital is one of the most promising and can become a real profit driver for facilities if they are managed well, including mitigating case delays and cancellations
  • Clinicians  in addition to promoting the satisfaction of your surgeons and anesthesia, managing appropriate staff levels for surgery and ensuring staff are able to be replaced during breaks is essential
 With Luminosity, you are equipped to handle:
  • Liability – with asset tracking and patient locating you will reduce the amount of retained surgical equipment and ensure availability of necessary resources
  • Revenue – analyze and evaluate patient throughput in the OR and procedure durations including on-time starts, pre-op and post-op
  • Clinicians – adjust schedules and staffing as needed to account for absences or emergency surgeries with resource visibility

Long Term Care

You want to give residents the care they need as well as the freedom they want. With Luminosity, we regard resident safety as your highest priority, but we also identify with the resident’s need to preserve independence and dignity. That’s why our solution provides both the information you need as clinicians and managers to watch over the safety of your patients, yet also give your residents the freedom and support they want simply by wearing an RFID badge.

With Luminosity, you can enhance safety and security while enabling staff to stay abreast of residents’ activity as well as control access to restricted areas.

Using the IR/RF badges, both residents and staff can call for assistance. Wherever you are in the facility, you’ll be able to contact someone at the press of a button.

  • Stay informed of resident and asset whereabouts easily
  • Schedule environmental services without unintended interruptions
  • Establish rules-based alerts to inform you of unscheduled activities
  • Protect residents from elopement and wander events via alerts and exit controls
  • Ensure residents receive visits from clinicians on a routine basis
  • Plan for staff and residents’ needs through detailed, reliable reporting


Daily operations at the clinic are similar to hospital operations in many ways. Both are dependent on a few key factors:  appropriate scheduling, efficient patient throughput, and the ability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.

  1. Physicians want to see more patients, yet still get home early.
  2. Nurses want to do less data entry and experience fewer frustrations.
  3. Office managers want to see less liability cases and maximize existing limited resources.
  4. Administrative staff want to complete less documentation per patient and make their jobs easier.

Who wouldn’t want any of these things? Luckily, the benefit of a tough territory is that there are tough solutions.

Luminosity is aggressive enough to tackle both the hospital-sized issues as well as clinic ones. 

With Luminosity, you get:

  • Real-time, on demand reporting on patient charts, lab results, and staff productivity
  • Automatic alerts notifying you when patients have been waiting longer than intended
  • Inventory and utilization monitoring of your most in-demand equipment
  • Accurate, down to the chair, location tracking for patients to help you manage scheduling

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